Monday, January 20, 2014

James Gulliver Hancock Inspired Project

The idea of going to back to some the project I did from student teaching came from this post, by Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists. She wrote a post about James Gulliver Hancock, one of my favorite artists during my student teaching year and did this AMAZING printmaking project with her students, seriously you should check it out.

It got me looking through my old pictures of my student teaching days and searching the the cracks and crevices of my email to search out the email James Gulliver Hancock sent to my class when I sent him some pictures of what my class had been inspired to do after looking at his artwork.

The fifth grade students and I looked at James Gulliver Hancock's series, All The Buildings In New York, we then started talking about all the buildings of the world.

When I was little, like five, and I can't believe I remember this, but my parents took me to an outdoor festival with a kids craft station where I decorated a kitchen tile for my door, hot glued with ribbon.

So I went to Home Depot and bought kitchen tiles and hot glued ribbon loops in the back. My supervising teaching and I were both worried that they wouldn't carry the weight of the tile but they did!

Students looked online at different buildings from around the world, sketched their favorite, sketched their buildings with pencil on the tile and then used permanent marker to add the detail.

They turned out fantastic!

As an extension exercise for those who finished early, they wrote a small paragraph of interesting facts they learned about their building that I displayed next to their tiles.

I sent a picture of some of their work to James Gulliver Hancock and he responded back.I love love love how accessible the internet has made modern artists to our classroom and how eager they are to build up budding artists!

During my time student teaching I created a board explaining a little bit about each artist that we were learning about.

(James Gulliver Hancock is on the Right)

Hope your Tuesday is AMAZING!


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