Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Five Favorite Cheap Dates

Since the new year has started, we have been on a budget.However, this hasn't cut down on our dates, here are some fun frugal things that we like to do while staying within the budget.

1. Join a sport team

We wanted to start a volleyball team with our friends, but our schedules didn't line up. But a lot of rec departments have adult sports teams that you can join for a minimal cost. Ours in Hickory is 211 dollars per volleyball team, if you get nine of your friends (six players and three alternates, its like 24 dollars for a whole season of fun per person.)

We decided to go the really cheap route and join a running group. Its a great way to meet people who like to stay in shape and keep us motivated. Check out Fleet Feet for a free running group near you.

2. Have a Game Night In

Some of our favorites include:
Apples to Apples
Settlers of Catan
Mario Kart (for the WII)

3. Hiking

Hiking is one of our favorite things to do, in the summer. I get cold super easy and we haven't been hiking as of late. But when it warms up, it is the perfect thing to do early in the morning, and usually it's free.
Catawaba Falls and Linville Falls, are both in North Carolina and have no fee for hiking. Catawaba Falls is more pet friendly if you have a well behaved dog that won't drag you through the streams.

4.Cook Together

While Josh and I both equally hate doing dishes, but we do love cooking together. Check out one of our favorite recipes here.

5. Go Out To The Movies

Wait what? Movies used to cost us about 35 dollars to get tickets, popcorn and a drink. It was way too expensive, we just couldn't swing it. But it is one of my favorite things to do. Luckily in most cities they have a cheap theater, the movies may be just about to come out on video, but I still get my theater experience at half the cost. Our cheap movie theater in Hickory is the Carolina Theater. Tickets are 3 dollars a piece. Josh and I spend 18.50, for two tickets, two drinks, a popcorn and candy and we still get the enjoyment of going out to the movies.

What are some fun cheap or free dates that you have been on lately?


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