Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentines Day Banner DIY

It's no secret, I love Valentine's Day. It's sort of a big deal at our house. Hence why I am prepping for the big day and it's still January. Here is an easy burlap banner DIY to brighten your wintery (apparently not a word, but I am cool with that) day.

Materials you will need:

Burlap (leftover from our wedding, score!)
Acrylic Paint (at least two colors)
Paint Brushes
Junk Mail (make sure it is thicker papers so you can use as stencil)
String, twine, yarn or ribbon
Ruler or something to measure (or just eyeball)
clothes pins ( I used small ones, sort of like this)


Step 1: Cut burlap
Three in rectangles (Mine were about 6x7 inches)
2 into triangles (smaller than the rectangles)

Step 2. Cut heart stencil by folding junk poster mail in half, and cutting half a heart, just make sure its smaller than your rectangle.

Cut smaller heart for triangles.

Step Three: Use stencil to paint hearts ( one on each burlap piece)

Step Four: Use a different color paint to paint initials and & sign.

Step Five: Let dry or if you are impatient like me use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

Step Six: Evenly space burlap on string using clothes pins.

Check back Tuesday and Wednesday for some more Valentine's Day Lovin'.

Happy Monday, make today awesome!


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