Monday, February 24, 2014

4 Ways To Use Social Media To Build Creativity

Last week Beth talked about growing your blog using Social Media. While I do use Social Media to help grow the blog, I also use it to grow my creativity. Sometimes I struggle with art making once I get home from work, being that I have been teaching about it all day. But lately Social Media has been kicking my Right Brain into gear. I hope some of these ideas will help you too!

Pinterest: This one I am sure is a no brainer, but holy cow Pinterest is a flood of creativity. I am working on a painting inspired by Folk Art, so I started a Folk Art Board, full of paintings I like and animals I want to paint. Its also a great way to find new artists or techniques you haven't heard about. Using Pinterest's search engine is a great way to look for art projects you want to do or artists that you have heard about. When you start finding people with similar interests, its easy to follow their pins and find even more things that you like. Some of my favorite Art Lovers to follower are: Cassie Stephens , The Art of Education, Catie Haase, Bernardo Souza, and The MoMA Design Store...

Instagram: My eighth graders were finishing up their Two Point Perspective in my classroom and I put a picture of one of their pieces on my Instagram, and I used #2pointperspective. When I was scrolling through the other hash tags of 2 point perspective, I was inspired. There were a ton of other ideas using the same concept. Now when I am looking at teaching or doing different art techniques, I look up the hash tags before starting to see how different artist tackle the same concepts. If you're an art teacher like me, tell your students to look up different hash tags to inspire them as well!

Facebook: I recently got off Facebook, I know crazy. But I spending way less time on the computer and a lot more time spending real time with friends. But there are some things I miss, like being able to have easy contact with people that I may not have been able to talk to otherwise. My students have been working on Our Danny Haas project, for three different nine weeks. I sent Danny a message about my students artwork on Facebook and he posted on his page about our project. Crazy, it's amazing how Social Media makes people so accessible. So next time you are curious about someone who is making art today, see if they have a facebook page and shoot them a note, they may respond!

Link Ups with Other Blogs: I have just recently been using this one. Samantha and Cassie have two really great ways to foster creativity with their Link Ups. Samantha, has a new creative project for you to try every month through September, join here. Cassie, has a link up (actually a Facebook Page, but I found out about it on her blog) about drawing once a week. Since I am not on Facebook, I am still linking up email style.

What other ways do you use Social Media to prompt you to create great things?

Hope your Monday is freaking awesome!!!


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