Monday, February 10, 2014

Danny Haas Inspired Alter Ego Part Two

With the start of a new nine weeks, for me, it means new students. I have a tendency to switch up my projects even though my students are different. BUT, if over all the students love something, I tend to stick with it.

Case in point, the Danny Haas project. I have blogged about him before. I even sent him an email over Christmas break, and he shared our Art Project on his Facebook page. Talk about flattered. My kids were like, wait, what he saw OUR artwork??? One of my students even has his artwork on the menu screen of his phone.

If you have Facebook, make sure to follow the Art of Danny, and if you like his work you can purchase it, here.

This nine weeks my students are really trying new things in their artwork, they don't look cookie cutter and it is really working for them. In the past I usually just have student use a solid color for the background but some students asked if they could do their differently. I love thinking outside the box and they turned out wonderfully.

This student's blue marker died mid coloring, instead of complaining she used different types of blue for the hair and I think it made it even more interesting, don't you?

If you would like a rubric for this project check out this page for a link!

Hope your Monday has started out great!


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