Monday, February 17, 2014

Georgia O'Keeffe Value Flowers, with Six Grade Rubric

We have A LOT of cardboard in the class, I sent a mass email out to the school asking for cardboard and got 3 tons of cardboard back, all in the corner of my art room. We used cardboard for this project, and since it is a material that the school obviously has a lot of, we are using it again! Since this is most of my sixth graders first experience with art, they are excited about everything. Seriously, it makes it so easy to teach, because every project I say sounds wonderful, painting is no different.

I had them work on a value worksheet that I made up, while others were finishing their Greek Vase. They worked with on creating cross hatching, hatching and dots from dark to light using markers.

Once all students were finished our class looked at American Artist, Georgia O'Keeffe's work. We talked about how she used darker paint to create shadows on her flowers and how she used the element of art, Value in her work.  Students then worked in pairs creating four tints, and four shades, using blue, white and black tempera paint (we had the most of blue, so that is what we used).
I poured the paint at first, but if they needed to go back to get more they knew how to do it.

Students then drew their flower, using radial symmetry and started painting, using what they had learned previously about tints and shades.

This was a great partner activity because they worked together, picking a color that they wanted to use with black and white and mixing the colors together.

Some students had trouble working together and got upset when another child didn't mix the color the way they thought it should be mixed. But it helped them brainstorm how to get the color corrected.

Things that each student had to do in order to get a good grade on the project.
1. Create a flower using radial symmetry that took up at least 90% of the cardboard
2. They had to create at least 4 tints and shades on each petal.
3. Work together corporately with a partner
4. Choose a color for the leaves that was a complimentary color of the petals.

They followed this rubric here, and if you would like to use it for your class, please feel free!

Hope your Monday is super happy, and if it's not watch this video. If it still isn't, I am not sure what to tell you.


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