Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I hope your weekend is refreshing!!

We went here for dinner yesterday with my parents. If you're in the Charlotte area check it out. The pizzas are made with locally farmed ingredients and the guy who runs it is amazing! If you go ask for some of their local honey flavors (free) to dip your crust in, the perfect end to a perfect meal. Although if you are still hungry there is a bakery next door (or on the other side, if your like me, a cheese shop!). They are open from 11 to 7 Monday through Saturday. If your park in the structure next door, you can get your parking validating in the marketplace.

One of our favorite couples are having a baby, and we are going over to celebrate this Saturday. We got them this book.

The illustrations are amazing, and since there are no word, you can tell a different story every time you read it.

Next week we are creating a clay project for each grade (pray for me)... Here are SOME of the projects we will be doing, stay tuned for two more new ones!

Hope your weekend is out of this world!!


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