Friday, February 14, 2014

The Bachelor, Farting in Your Sleep and Putting Yourself Second

I have a confession... I am a huge Bachelor fan. It's embarrassing, really. I watch the episodes.We don't have cable so I have to wait a week to watch them on the internet, or if I get really impatient I ask Josh if we can buy an episode on Amazon. Since he is the best hubby in the world, he always complies. I read the spoilers, I know horrible... and catch up on Instagram to see the latest Bachelor antics.

I know it's silly. I laughed when Juan Pablo took one of the girls on a boat ride, and they swam their way to a waterfall, followed by an outdoor dinner by a geyser, and then proceeded to call it the date "he had planned." Lets be honest. ABC planned it, he just went along for the making out and great food.

Would I love love love love love (I think you get that I would love) to go on a date with Josh like this? Absolutely. It would be awesome!! I think when the girls on the show say it was the best date ever, they truly mean it. I mean, come on... Hot guy, exotic location, romantic excursion, and a delicious meal, maybe if you're lucky, serenaded by a music star... Heck yes probably the best date you have had! Do I think it is indicative of what their lives will be if they end up with that person everyday? Probably not. Does it have to be a let down when they start their "real" lives together? Nope.

Some people say marriage is work, and some people take the opposite view. We haven't been married long, so I am definitely not an expert on the subject. I was at a wedding almost two years ago now and the pastor said, "Marriage is easy. All you need to do is say, when you wake up, 'How can I make this person that is lying beside me's day better?'" How can I put myself second? It sounds easy, you want to make that person's (who may or may not have farted in your general direction moments earlier in his sleep, welcome to marriage) day awesome, because he is your person. But sometimes after hitting the snooze button one to many times and running around frantically looking for that other shoe before rushing off to work, I forget. I put myself first. It sucks.

I think that is also reminiscent of the way I treat Christ. I usually try to have quiet time before bed, but sometimes I read too long or watch a few to many episodes of The Mindy Project, so I just don't "have time" to read my Bible, to pray for friends that really need. To connect with Jesus. Every time I connect with Him, my faith grows stronger, and my day goes better. Does it mean every day is easy? No. It means every day I know there is a plan, that He has planned for me. I just have to stop putting myself first. As long as I am leaning on Him, He will direct my path (Proverbs 3:5-6) and He hasn't steered me wrong yet.

Speaking of being second, Sean Lowe, The Bachelor from a season back, has an awesome video about his relationship with Jesus. The I Am Second videos are just plain rad.

This kiss was hotter than a kiss under a waterfall any day.

My husband wrote me a love letter of sorts on his blog, check it out.

Hope your Valentine's Day is as wonderful as you are!

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