Thursday, February 27, 2014

THE Thrift Store Chair

I have been searching high and low for great chairs for our living room. Cheap great chairs, we need more seating and we are on an extreme budget. The past two months I have scored two great finds thifting.

These are our two chairs, the first is Josh's reaction to thrifting, you can tell that he loves it. The second is a picture of me enjoying the fruits of our thrifting labor, just a bit more excited than Josh. I will talk about the second chair on my top thrift finds soon.

We picked this baby up (well rather we got one of our friends with a van to pick it up, we are lucky to have good friends) at the Habitat Restore, a store where the proceeds go to fund projects with Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer based program that my parents frequently work with (They are kind of awesome). This brand new chair's arms and back are upholstered with canvas, and the cushion is white leather. It was originally marked at 50, then marked down to 30. We came on a day that all of their items were discounted 25% so with tax it was a bit over 24 dollars. It was too good to pass up. But you might be thinking like I was, that it needs a significant work. Have I ever reupholstered something? Besides a small dining room chair's cushion? Nope. But wouldn't it be a fun project to try?

                                                                     Found Here
                                                                        Found Here
                                                                     Found Here

While I want to keep the cushion white leather ( I think the contrast will look awesome) I like all three of these and can't decide. I actually created a Pinterest board of different fabrics and re-upholstery videos.

Do you have any experience with reupholstering? Is it difficult? Any pointers?

Have a Thrifty Thursday!

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