Monday, March 24, 2014

Ann Wood Inspired Art History Horse Stampede

Ever since I saw Ann Wood's Horse Stampede, I was in awe. I knew eventually I wanted to create something in the classroom that was inspired by her work. I have been really working to create a literary component for my lessons in the art classroom and have also been struggling to really dive into art history rather than just art making. Sure we do bell work at the beginning for class where they discuss pieces of art, but I wanted them to learn more. It something that I want to learn more about too. If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen a sneak peek.

With this project my students researched an artist of their choosing in the computer lab and wrote a short ( four paragraph and at least four sentences in each paragraph) essay. Then they used a horse template (which you could use here, but I wanted them a bit larger so I drew my own and made photo copies) to create an artwork inspired by their artist. Students made a rough draft on computer paper, then used card stock to trace their horse and paint with acrylics.

 Van Gogh
 King Robbo
 Drew Brophy
 Jackson Pollock
 Andy Warhol
 Andy Warhol
 Keith Haring
 Van Gogh

I eventually want to hang them up so they look like they are stampeding (I am thinking about hanging ribbon and using clothes pins to attach them rather than gluing them) and I will be sure to post about it.

When students turn in their work they need to complete the essay and the horse together. Some students complained about having to write an essay in art, but other students researched at home, emailed artists and it made for some very interesting papers.

If you would like to use our rubric and my essay criteria click here.

My sweet nephew is turning four today and my sister in law threw the cutest Peter Pan party this weekend. Isn't he so cute? He is just as awesome as he looks.

Happy Monday!

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