Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chuck Close Grid Self Portraits

In 6th grade we have been looking at Chuck Close's artwork and are creating our own grid self portraits. (Disclaimer: A couple of these are seventh grade from the past nine weeks) If you would like to use our rubric, click here!

These kids constantly amaze me!!
Hope you are having a phenomenal Thursday!


P.S. Are you following the NCAA Tournament? I will be honest before Josh and I got married I was more a football and baseball girl... But I love supporting Josh's passions and I have had a lot of fun cheering UNC on! (unless they are playing the University of South Carolina of course!) Josh and I both did a bracket and apparently I picked the wrong team to win it all, but we will see who has the last laugh! I will post updates on who is winning, and hopefully it will be me:)

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