Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Do As The Romans Do, and Borrow From The Greeks

My sixth grade students and I looked at ancient Roman architecture and talked about how they borrowed a lot of their style from the Greeks.

We then got down to makin. Because that is what we do in art class.

If you want to use our rubric, please steal it here!

Students rough drafted different Roman buildings. (pardon our scratched tables, we need to get them refinished)

 Students then used Styrofoam to create their own column and used the same printing process found here. They also borrowed on of their friends columns to do a print on their paper as well. (Borrowing like the Greeks did)

 Things I would do differently:

I had them draw their buildings first, 5 by 8 inches in the middle of the paper before doing the printmaking part. Next time I would have them print their columns on their paper first and then draw  their buildings. That way if they messed up printing they could have another chance. This time they didn't have a second try to get it right and a lot of them printed on their buildings by accident.

Talk more about the Horizon line, since this is most of the students first time in art, they are starting from scratch. I didn't focus a lot on the Horizon line and some students drew it at the bottom of the page rather than the middle.

Overall I like this project better than the first one I did, I think the students had fun picking a friend's Styrofoam to add to their piece and it as a great way to incorporate group work.

Hope your Tuesday is Fantastic!
(Teacher Outfit Tuesday back next week!)

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