Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm Giving Up Pinterest

At the beginning of the month I gave up pop, soda for you non northerners. When I felt God's call to give something up for Lent I tried to convince myself that pop would do. But I wasn't doing that for God, I was doing that for me. I would have missed the point.

* I get that Lent has already started and I am a bit behind. I am thankful that God doesn't keep score.

So I thought harder about something that would be difficult for me, and Pinterest kept floating in my head.I use it to increase blog traffic, I use it for cooking ideas for Josh, inspiration for school, and an imaginary closet.  I fought it, "but I need Pinterest, I can't give it up..." And that's when I knew I needed to give it up. I NEED Jesus. I don't need Pinterest. I made it through life without it before, I can do it again. So starting this morning I am giving up Pinterest.

It's not going to be forever, just for the season of Lent. I want to spend my time growing nearer to God.

I have been getting daily devotionals from here and this weeks verse is Matthew 4:4.

Pinterest doesn't give me life. The Lord does.
Have you given up anything for Lent? Are you following a specific study or just reading on your own?

Happy Friday,

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