Friday, March 7, 2014

Lion King T-Shirts, Frozen Yogurt and Making Friends As An Adult

Hi my name is Lauren and I am having trouble making friends as an adult.

    I feel like I am middle school me all over again (goodness I do noooooot miss those days of sketchers shoes and Lion King tie dye t-shirts) trying her to finagle her way into sitting at the popular table at lunch (which never happened; I was and still am far from cool). But man it is hard to make friends when your new to the area as a 31 year old.

  I am lucky. my husband truly is my best friend. I know I am supposed to say that, but he really does rock!

   However, there is only so much frozen yogurt eating, bachelor watching and thrift store shopping a self-respecting husband can do.

   When I moved to North Carolina after getting married, I thought it would be easy. Making friends. It wasn't. I didn't start a job when I first moved because it was summer time and school wasn't in session, so built in work friends were a no-go. We were still finding a church both of us loved, so small group friends were a no-go. And I hadn't started any hobbies yet so friends with mutual interests were also a no-go.

   Josh was getting tired of Sweet Frog (our local froyo place) and I was getting desperate. Where were my kindred spirits? Where were my new best friends?

I spent nights crying about it (not my finest moments, but totally not exaggerating).

  Gradually and not as quickly as I like, I started talking to people at work, joined a class at the community college, started hanging out with Josh's friends' wives, and started actually forming friendships. It's not as easy as having matching lunch boxes or sharing a pack of gum but I am getting there.

God has blessed me with these friends, whose friendships have weathered time, breakups, moves, babies and marriages and I am oh so blessed!

Do you find it hard to make friends as an adult? Any tips?

I hope you have a great Friday!! 


P.S. Are you observing Lent? Here is an online reading plan that I am using.

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