Monday, March 17, 2014

The Gnome Graveyard

If you follow me on Instagram you know that half of our Ceramics pieces blew up in the kiln. Heartbreaking. My students were mostly good about it and only one of them cried. If I was in middle school I would have been a blubbering mess if it had been mine.

It killed me to see this when I opened the kiln. So I dubbed it the Gnome Graveyard. The kids had a good laugh when they were searching for their gnomes!

But the ones that made it out alive turned out awesome. Since we are using the high school's kiln I am having them paint with acrylic instead of a glaze so we don't have to have Mr. Cornwell (that's right we have the last name, no he isn't my husband and no we aren't related) fire our stuff twice. 

Children with special needs are integrated into enrichment (art, music, computers, physical education...) classes. I love this. It's not only is great for them to make friends and thrive in our classroom, but for my regular ed kids this provides an opportunity to show compassion, kindness and allows them to make friends that they would normally not run into at school. What I loved seeing during the making process of the minions was, one of my students who excels at art, sat next to one of my special needs students and walked him through step by step how to do it. Above is the minion my special needs student made. He is so proud of it and I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

In my sixth grade classes we haven't had time to start painting yet but I can't wait to see how they look!!

Have you done any clay projects? Do you usually use glaze? Have you tried acrylic paint?

Hope the luck of the Irish is with you this Monday!


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