Monday, March 10, 2014

The Time I Hosted A Pinterest Party and People Just Went Home With Bags Of Felt

I love a good craft night. It is one of my favorite things to do with my friends... Well that and game night, one cannot beat a wild night of scrabble playing.

Last week I hosted a Pinterest Party, because one of my monthly goals is to stop pinning and start doing. I find that I accumulate a bunch of pins that I would like to make and yet I never get around to the actually making.

On Monday I decided I was going to put a stop to my pinning nonsense and start the actual creating process. I invited some of Josh's friends wives my friends over to make this brooch.

Instead we ate chips and dip, sipped wine and laughed a whole heck of a lot. Sometimes fellowship is better than actually creating (don't tell art teacher me this! Less talk more art:)

Here is what ensued.

 We mostly just laughed about pictures from the photo booth at our wedding.
 My friend Tamera was the only one who was really committed to finishing her brooch. I was really committed to eating cauliflower and french onion dip.
 Hilary literally went home with a bag of felt, after finagling our friend Val to cut out most of her pieces for her.
 This is what happens when you use tacky glue and a pot to weigh down your felt. Totally using it again.
Tamera is still the only one who has finished her brooch, which looks oh so beautiful.

Thank you Lord for fellowship, thank you for meeting my needs, thank you for dealing with my moaning and groaning and still blessing me with some amazing friends.

Dear Reader I hope you have the most fantastic Monday!

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