Thursday, March 27, 2014

Things To Do In Hickory- Charlotte Addition

One of our (OK mine) favorite places to grub in Charlotte is Cabo Fish Taco in NoDa (Josh's favorite is the New Orleans style restaurant called Boudreaux's). My friend moved to the NoDa area years ago and introduced me to Cabo when I was up visiting. NoDa is home to french bakeries, tattoo art galleries, coffee shops, wine bars, and boutiques. I seriously love it. Young House Love featured a home from the area on one of their house crashing tours. I could seriously live here.
 This picture was taken on Sunday after Angela and Josh (her hubster not mine) just completed the Spartan Race, in the rain. Beasts.

But back to the food. When I lived in California fish tacos were all the rage. Moving to the South I was in serious need of some great Baja style food. Cabo Fish taco serves it fantastically. Dia De Los Muetros style artwork deck the walls along with surfboards and a daily specials list. They have an extensive Margarita list (try the El Cheapo, you won't be disappointed.) Guacamole and Cheese dip are a must for us. Our friends got the Crab Dip this weekend, it was decadent and creamy, yum!
 NoDa is home to local brews and Cabo carries a lot of yummy pints. The dessert list always looks good but we are usually so stuffed that we pass. Check out the menu here.

 I was really silly this trip and didn't get the jalapeno and cheese mashed potatoes as a side so they aren't pictured here, but if you go you should get them!
I might also be biased because this is where Josh asked my dad for my hand in marriage, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Happy Thursday!

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