Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wrapping Up The Nine Weeks With Our Ceramics

We have missed a lot of school because of the weather, believe me I like sleeping in more than my kids do so I was OK with that. But we had to rush some of our projects. When we got our ceramics out of the kiln at the high school there wasn't enough time to glaze them and put them in the kiln again. So we improvised with acrylic paint. They aren't too shabby!

7th Grade Minions

 Check out this angler fish on the right, my student put a tiny hole in the top of the fish's head before firing and then when it was out of the kiln she and I put a wire with a bead on the end and used a little but of tacky glue to make it stick.

6th Grade Fish

6th Grade Owls

And the only 8th grade gnome I had time to take a picture of.... horrible I know!!

Have a great Wednesday!

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