Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 Different Ways To Create Greek Vases

We have been looking at different types of Greek Vases this week in 6th grade, they are also learning about Ancient Greece in their History class. During each of the nine weeks I have tried to incorporate Greek Vases into my lesson plans. Here are three different projects to use in your own classroom.

1. Chalk Pastel Symmetrical Greek Vases: Students choose a specific Greek vase for their shape, fold construction paper in half, draw their shape and cut it out. Unfold it and using chalk pastel, create geometric designs.

2. Foil Relief Greek Vases: One of my favorite projects because they turn out so great. Student use a piece of card board, draw out the shape of their vase, outline pencil lines with glue and lay string across glue. Once it has dried students cover their artwork with foil and rub foil until the relief of the vase starts to appear. Then students color their vase with permanent marker, creating a jewel like look.

3. Printmaking Greek Vases: Student sketch out their vases using a geometric shapes on foam board. (Make sure they use a regular pencil and not a mechanical pencil because this will easily poke holes in the foam) Students will use the printmaking process using printing ink, brayers and construction paper to make at least 3 different prints of their work. * If you would like the rubric for this project click here.

I love how in art you can be learning about the same subject matter but there are many different ways to approach the lesson. Have you created Greek Vases in your classroom? How did you make them?


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