Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Letter To The Hubster.... Stop Reading If Mushy Stuff Isn't Your Thing


    Ten months ago we said our forevers in over 80 degree temperatures. One of the groomsmen showed up in a green shirt instead of a white one. I forgot to wear a garter. Candles were never lit. I booked rooms for the bridesmaids the day after our wedding instead of the night before. My best friend's dad had to run and get ice as the reception was starting. I didn't have enough burlap to cover the tack board so my dad and uncle ran mid morning to the craft store and made it happen. That giant heart wasn't finished until about fifteen minutes before it needed to be driven to the barn. And the only reason it made it there on time is because Gram and her 90 year old Reebok wearing self spent hours along with all my bridesmaids rolling red construction paper through chicken wire.
    That day wasn't perfect, and neither are we. But I am so thankful that we are serving a perfect God together. I cannot believe I get to walk through life with someone like you.
    Thank you for holding my hand when life gets hard. For coaching basketball because I think its a great idea. For letting me watch Nashville in bed (although you do corner of your eye watch it too). For being fine with eating out at least two nights a week. For letting me eat half your food when you ask if I want anything from the kitchen and I say no, but get hungry when you bring food around me. Thank you for being a listener. And a fair fighter. Thank you for being the big spoon and an awesome high fiver. Thank you for following your dreams and for being a man after God's own heart. Thank you for eating more Mexican food than Japanese food. Thank you for growing a beard because I think it looks so very cute on you. Thank you for being a TV show binge watcher and a board game lover. Thank you for having a butt I like to smack (we are married, so it's OK). Thank you for attending school functions with a smile. Thank you for knowing when to be silent (I am still learning that). Thank you for being so good with kids.Thank you for being the most handsome man on the earth. Thank you for taking me to both my favorite thrift stores on stressful days. Thank you for being the man I have been praying for me whole life. Thank you for being more than the man I have been praying for. You are my favorite of all favorites. And I love you so.


P.S . I got this idea to write Josh a letter from Kerry at Life. On a Mission. If you haven't checked out her blog yet stop by, it is full of encouragement and loveliness.
P.P.S Teacher Outfit Tuesday will be on Wednesday this week!

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