Thursday, April 3, 2014

Etsy Swap 2014

Oh my gosh was this swap so much fun! I sent my finds to Susan, over at Charming Lucy. She has such a beautiful heart for Christ and she dresses oh so cute! Stop by her blog and see what I mean! I don't know about you, but every swap I do I get a little nervous. Is this the right thing to buy? Will they like it as much as I do? But it is always so much fun! Here are some of the goodies I sent her...


 My gifter was LyTysha over at HippyCrochet. She makes some beautifully crocheted pieces at really inexpensive prices. My favorite is this piece. And boy does this girl now how to gift, I got my presents directly from etsy shops so almost everyday was an awesome snail mail day for me!! Here are some pictures I snapped of the postal goodness.

Beautiful jewelry (which I have already worn) a awesome metal bird magnet (that is already holding a picture on our fridge, earth friendly recycled Starbucks gift card earrings (so fun) and a artfully designed Harry Potter page. (she also got me a dishwasher magnet that I haven't snapped a picture of yet, but you guys, it was made with scrabble letters. I loved it!) I was spoiled. Thank you thank you thank you LyTysha!!

A big thanks to Amy and Meg for hosting such a fun swap! I hope to join in again next year!
Stop by tomorrow to find out how I am making the start of the nine weeks easier to manage teaching wise!


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