Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gallery Ghost, Art Book Giveaway!

 So I was shopping yesterday for my classroom and I happened upon this book (obviously our cat loved looking at this book too), Gallery Ghost by Anna Nilsen.

I started looking through it and it was such a visual feast, featuring painting from the National Gallery of Art in Washington. The viewer searches through paintings with a magnify glass (that comes with the book) to see which ghostly painters are hiding their work in the works of other famous painters. What???? See what I mean....

Check out what Amazon has to say about it here.

 Not only is it a great search book, but it also talks about the artists and has a short biography of the painters in the back of the book. The author calls it a "spot the difference game, ghost story, and an art book...all in one!"

I couldn't just buy one, so I bought one for you too (cat not included)! If you could use this in your classroom, or you're in school to be a teacher, or you have kids or your brother's girlfriend's neighbors have kids please enter!! Crossing my fingers and toes that you win! XO, LKC

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