Thursday, April 24, 2014

Have You Heard Of Glogster?

The science teacher introduced Glogster to us at our faculty meeting this month and I am digging it. I will admit to being a little timid when it comes to new technology but I have found that it makes your subject matter more relatable and prepares your students for 21 century job market. As an educator you can sign up for the free account which is what I did and then you also have a free 30 day trial of their premium account. Using the free account you get access as well as 10 of your students, additional student are a cost to you, but if you use it like me it is free! This isn't a sponsored post, just something I thought was interesting!)

I have used PowerPoint and Prezi but Glogster is a quick visual or snapshot and I think it will really capture the attention of my students. I made this one about Pop Art and added in a video from youtube. I am excited to see what the kids think of it, I am going to introduce it as if it was a movie trailer into our exciting lesson about Pop Art.

 If you bought the school account you could have your your kids to create their own glogster accounts where they can create their own posters as well. I think this would be a great addition to an artist study or movement for kids to do. Kind of a modern biography. I also thought of incorporating this into my daily bell work. I can't freeze my screen so I only show one work at a time, this way I could show a bunch and we could talk about how they relate. (Can you tell I am all sorts of pumped to have my students check this out??)

This particular glogster was my first one I have made, I am sure with time and getting to know the program a little more it will look even better.  Check out these Pre-Made Art Glogsters!

What types of new technology are you using in your classroom?

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