Monday, May 26, 2014

2014 Art Show

Last year, I was a big stress case before both (we had a fall and a spring) art shows. I spent the week before panicking that it as going to fall apart. It didn't and the parents enjoyed every second. This year I opted for a less stressful event. I worked with my students to set up the classroom the day of,  they scrubbed bookshelves (and loving it) and maked art labels and put table clothes down. We had the whole classroom set up for an art show by the end of the school day.

As you can see it was a less fuss art show, and I think it worked out pretty well! Our custodian stayed an hour and a half later than his normal hours just to help me put this on. I am truly blessed to work with people that are for our students. Numerous teachers came in to see the artwork and talk with the students too. Next year I would give more advanced notice and work with the band and chorus teacher to put this on when they had a show for more foot traffic. But overall I was extremely pleased!

What are your tips and tricks to make an art show run smoothly?  Hope you are having an excellent Memorial Day!

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