Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Goals

Summer is so close I can taste it and smell it (it tastes like snow cones and smells like spf 45) I dropped the ball on posting May Goals but that's ok because I am back on the goal makin' wagon. 


This month I wanna:

Finish The Night Circus (seriously, I have started and restarted 3 times, and not because it isn't awesome, because it is quite awesome.  And while we are in the literary goal making category I want to start and finish The Ragamuffin Gospel too.

I want to paint like a crazy person so I can open a shop by mid summer!

I am going to start running again, this has got to happen. Many people gain the freshman, I have gained the wedding 25. 

Cook two recipes on my Pinterest Yummy Board.

Sketch at least once a week!

We are so excited for what God is going to be doing with our summer and if you could keep our family in your prayers we would be oh so thankful!!

I hope your Summer has started out awesome!


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