Monday, May 5, 2014

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

June first are you here yet? Josh and I will have been married for one full year on that day and I am all sorts of excited. Josh's gift is already in the mail (he better not peak)... but in case he is stumped on gifts for me (I am pretty sure he isn't because I sort of show him ideas on the reg) here are some ideas to help a brotha out.

 This Paradise Falls print.

 Any of these paper cut necklaces.(especially the one with the colored houses)

This wooden pony with paper overlay brooch. I seriously die. Ok not seriously, but I love it so much.

 This unicorn, in mint.

 Or this gold foil print... I like to pretend I am southern.

Do you give gifts on theme for the year of your wedding anniversary? What is the most creative gift that you have received?

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