Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Time I Acted Like A Jerk

One of our goals as a couple this year, was to make our marriage make a difference. Not just in our own little squishy bubble but to our community and the rest of the world. I read Katie's blog and was completely blown away by what she and her husband were doing. They were truly being God's hands and feet, and God was moving in some pretty big ways.

One of the ways Josh has been serving is volunteering as an assistant basketball coach for a middle school travel team. He spends two days a week practicing and then all weekend (three games on Saturday and one or more on Sunday) with these boys. I love watching him mentor these kids, I can totally see what a great dad he will be one day and what a difference he is making right now.

(can you spot Josh in the back on the right?)

But back to me being a jerk (it happens, more than once I am afraid). Our anniversary is June 1st. The plans were set that we were going to have a romantic weekend in Charlotte, where we stayed our wedding night. Then Josh hit me with reality, they had a weekend tournament that weekend in Asheville. Now I love Asheville, more than Charlotte. But not only would they have a weekend tournament, they were staying overnight with the kids for team building. Man was I mad. I flung myself on our bed with self pity and whined.... "but that's our anniversary..." You see when I start tunneling into selfishness I totally forget the big picture.  I totally forget about making a difference and start thinking about me. Eww. 

Then Josh ever so carefully reminded me that this was the moment, that I actually started having to practice what I preached and really have a marriage that focused outwardly instead of inwardly. While he did it so kindly, I was ashamed. It's easy to focus on others when it benefits you ( I wasn't the one waking up early to go to games, I went to the afternoon ones) but when it gets hard, when it makes other things that you would want to do fall to the wayside, that's when it means the most.

(Just a sweet picture our Goddaughter and my hubster, they are sort of the cutest)

So we are celebrating our anniversary in Asheville and it is going to be awesome. And I am going to stop being a jerk. 


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