Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Charlotte Art Walk

Pardon me while I gush for a second, but my husband planned the best date for our anniversary.

     We went the movies, the kind that serve dinner to you at your seat and saw Maleficent, I really like it. But that isn't the oh my gosh, this is totally me perfect part. He walked me through the streets of Charlotte and stopped at an office building. Nothing says romance like office supplies right?

But seriously. He planned an Art Walk. For me. He sort of rocks that way!

He found this free public art walk, complete with a podcast that walks you along the streets of Charlotte and into buildings and up stairs and lobbies. It was magical. Josh and I have been downtown a lot, and even walked by some of the public art without even noticing it.If you live in the Charlotte Area we definitely recommend checking it out. Then stop by the Ritz Carlton for some sorbet and clean restrooms:).

This was my favorite piece, Cascade by Jean Tinguely. It was epic, you have to see it in person, but it moved and dipped and swayed. It was like a Kandinsky painting being brought to life. I was enchanted.

Here are some other works that we saw as we meandered through downtown Charlotte.

 I am embarrassed to say that we walked by this fountain while we were looking for it, it wasn't running so we kept looking only to later smack our heads when we found a security guard who directed us back to this point.

Hope you have an amazing day!


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