Monday, June 30, 2014

How To Make A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Felt Gift Topper

One of our favorite kids turned five on Sunday and we asked him what he wanted and he said Donatello, apparently he has all the TMNT but Donatello's arm fell off and he needed a replacement. We wrapped Donatello up with a recycled Aldi bag and I thought it needed a little something extra.

 1. Draw a Ninja Turtle shaped head on a piece of felt I googled and found this page which might help you out. I used a permanent marker and flipped the felt over so you couldn't see the lines.

2. Cut out the turtle's head and trace two lines on either side of where you want the mask to be.

3. Draw the mask, it's ok if you mess up (like I did here) because you are going to flip it over and it 
won't show.

 4. Cut everything out and use a glue gun to attach.

 5. Looking at the googled image use craft paint to draw the face.

 6. Attach a rectangle felt with a glue gun to the back, I made mine with a large loop so I could run twine through it when gift wrapping.

Wrap your present, run a ribbon through the loop and you're done! Just don't let your pup sit on the felt!

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