Monday, June 2, 2014

Oil Pastel Remix

A while back I posted about our Monet Water Lilly Oil Pastel Project. This project is a good way to introduce a new medium, learn about art history, and planning a composition. Also all kids are successful with this. So it makes for a great end of the year project. While helping with setup for our middle school dance I made multitudes of tissue paper flowers, and thought that it would be great to include a 3-D element on their work.

 I think they turned out wonderfully! And the kids loved making these flowers. Click here if you need instructions on how to make them!
 Also I just found out this nine weeks that our school has a pond with Lilly pads, and a covered picnic table area right by the pond. So we went out and did some actually Lilly pad drawing in nature. The kids loved it!
And lastly a random picture of our scraps, because these were too pretty not to photograph. Hope your Monday is awesome!!



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