Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Cleaning: Closet Organization

I don't know about you, but I go through stages of being super organized and being super messy. I like the idea of having a really organized put together house, but sometimes life just gets in the way... or lets be real, there are a lot more fun things to do then cleaning the house when you get home. Like say marathon watching series on Netflix... But when Summer comes around I am more committed to making more of an effort to getting it together.

Today I started with my closet. There are tons of great posts out there on how to get make your closet sparkle (I share our walk in with my husband) but I really like this one by the Levo League. They suggest making a Yes pile, a Maybe pile and a Donate pile.

Yes Pile
These are things that you are going to keep for sure. I reccommend trying things on and making sure they fit properly. I also get in the habit of keeping things that I am going to get altered. If you do the same thing, make sure you give yourself a time line for getting things to a tailor, if not they could just sit in your closet taking up space and collecting dust.

Maybe Pile
I will be honest here. Since I got married I have gained some weight and some of my favorite items ( I am looking at you, white J. Crew pants) aren't zipping up so easily. Like with the things I need to take to a tailor, I give myself a realistic timeline. If by the end of the summer things still aren't fitting properly, I need to get rid of them. Then there are clothes that I am on the fence about, I usually get my husband's opinion on these items and if he is on the fence about them too, I move them to the donate pile.

Donate Pile
   I  have two donate piles, the first being the ThredUp pile. ThredUp is basically an online consignment shop, they send you a bag, you fill the bag with clothes that you want to get rid of and then they send you money via pay pal for the things they keep to sell. It isn't a lot of money usually ( I made 59 dollars on my first filled bag) but they don't charge you for shipping your item and it was clothes I was going to get rid of anyway. so it is a win in my book. Stuff that doesn't fit the ThredUp criteria I put in a separate donation pile and take them promptly to the thrift store, again it is really easy to leave them collecting dust for a bit, but resist the urge!

Here are some other ways to get rid of some of your unwanted clothes:

Host a swap party for friends, get everyone to bring ten unwanted, but still awesome items and swap them with someone else's stuff.

If you have a formal dress and want to donate it to someone in need check out Donate My Dress.

Ebay your higher end clothing and accessories, I have had great luck selling my unwanted items this way.

What to you do with clothes that don't make it into the Yes Pile?

Happy Wednesday!

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