Thursday, June 19, 2014

What I Am Doing To Make Next Years Art Classroom Even Better!!

I know, school just ended, but I am pretty stoked for next year. This is my first year teaching art at the same school (Last year I got the job two weeks before school started). And oh my gosh do I have plans for next year. I can't wait to collaborate with other teachers, work in more lessons based on what they are doing in their core classes and just have some fun.
Here are some things I have been doing to stay up to date with the best art practices.

Webinars- NAEA hosted a webinar about the new national standards, and they are going to have more to come.

Conferences- I am so excited to be attending the Art Of Ed Online conference. If you haven't signed up there is still time!

Adopt A Classroom I am trying to get a drying rack for some of our projects for next year. If you haven't used Adopt A Classroom, it is definitely worth checking out!

Other Teaching Websites- I just found this one and I love it!

What have you been doing to make next year better?

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