Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why I Love Thrift Stores & Why I Think You Should Too + some tips to help find great things

 (Boden Skirt: $3.75)

My love affair with thrifting didn't begin till well into college. I paid full price for everything and racked up a pretty hefty credit card bill. I was 19, and even though I was taught to use it only during emergencies I loved swiping that thing for a new Roxy shirt, horrible I know. When I moved to Ohio I was living on a part time assistant preschool teacher's pay and needed to change directions in my spending. So I did, and my love for thrifting began. Here are some of my favorite finds:


1. Tervis Tumbler: $.25  2. Banana Republic Polka Dot Dress: $6.25  3. J. Crew Shoes: $5.00
4. Target Chair (NEW!): $24.00 5. Nicole Miller Dress: $6.25 6. Squirrel Jar: unknown 7. Big Hug Mug: $.50 (this find is so great because I used this exact same mug at a cafe in Orange County called Gypsy Den and later found it thrifting)

I love thrifting, because I am able to spend a fraction of the cost that I would at a regular store, and most thrift stores are run for charities, but check with them to see how much they give back, some give more than others. 

Here are some tips that I use when searching for a great find.

1. Have a thrift store that you are a regular at. We have 3 thrift stores in our area, and when I first moved to Hickory I went to all 3. But after a while you can see what types of donations they get and you can decide which one is best suited for your needs. And by becoming a regular employees notice you, one lady would let me know when I walked in if they had any cute dresses just out. It definitely pays to be friendly ( I got my chair at a thrift store where the woman told us they had a ton of furniture being put out that day so we waited)!

2. Just because its cheap doesn't mean you need it. This was a really hard one for me to get used to. I would see something that wasn't my favorite, but since it was a deal I would get it. Now I ask myself if it was full price would I still gravitate torwards it.

3. Keep a list of things your looking for. Just like going to the grocery store if you have a list, you stay on target and you don't spend as much money.

4. Have a plan of attack. Thrift Stores can be overwhelming to say the least, having a plan at what your looking at elivates some of the stress. I start with the racks that haven't been put out yet, but that are on the floor (just make sure this is ok with the staff). This stuff hasn't been sifted through by many people and your likelyhood of finding something really good is pretty great. Then I go to the area where I am looking for a specific item. I usually start with the dresses, move on to skirts and then tops. 

5. Look for name brands. My thrift store charges the same for a shirt from Walmart or J. Crew. Usually higher end pieces are better quality so I look for name brands that I like and then decide if I like the piece. Flipping through hangers this way is a lot easier.

6. Can it be altered? Since your paying a lot less, remember that things can be altered for a little bit of money. I got the Polka Dot Dress a couple sizes up and then got it alter to fit me. I couldn't afford to do this normally but since it was so cheap I was able to!

Do you thrift? What are your favorite tips? Or favorite finds?

Happy Thursday, LKC

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