Thursday, July 3, 2014

Living Simply Series: What does Simplicity Look Like To You?

I have always liked the idea of simple living. You see it everywhere you go. Live Simply, but what does that look like? And would I be able to really change my lifestyle to tread lighter? Does it mean switching to cloth towels rather than paper? Getting rid of your chemical cleaning products? What about getting a smaller home? Watching less TV? Going to the library instead of buying a book? Or less clothes? Buying responsibly? Not buying at all? There are so many things you can do to create a simple lifestyle and I am not sure where Josh and I fit in all of this. But I have been really convicted about the way we live. If Jesus came over to have dinner, would he be happy with the way Josh and I put importance on stuff?

I watched this movie and it really got me thinking. I don't think we could realistically live in a tiny house, with a dog, a cat and a hope for a family. But I do want to live with less and more simply. I want to be an intentional buyer rather than a buyer because I saw it on TV.

Since getting married we have had double the cleaners. I have been researching online and have cut down a lot of them. We still use Clorox in my husband's bathroom, detergent in the laundry room and those tabs for the dishwasher. I hope by the end of the summer we can say differently!

What about you? Do you long to live more simply? Could you live in a tiny house? What are you doing to live more simply?

Stay Tuned for more on Josh and I's Living Simply Series

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