Wednesday, July 2, 2014

St. Simons Take 2

For our honeymoon, Josh picked the location and I had no idea where we were going till we got there, err, till I beat it out of him on the way (and when I say beat I mean lovingly punch him in the gut, I jest). But anyways we had a great time and due to a minor issue, we ended up getting two night free at another rental when we wanted to go again. This time we took one of our favorite couples and there four year old son, who by the way did not help with my baby fever at all. He was awesome the ENTIRE trip, I want a Cornwell version of him. We ate, we shopped, we talked, we laid by the pool and by the beach. It was exactly what I needed to relax from this school year. Isn't it awesome how God creates us to be in community? I am so thankful for them!

We ate a lot on the trip can you tell? I had the best pimento cheese sandwich I have ever had at Southern Soul Barbeque. It was epic. Do you have any favorite places to eat in Georgia? Or North Carolina for that matter? Josh and I are always looking for places to try!

Have an awesome day!

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