Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things To Do In Hickory- Crawdads Baseball

I love baseball, probably more than most people. I grew up watching Ricky Henderson playing in the outfield of the Oakland A's and Tony Gwynn and the Padres in San Diego. North Carolina however, does not have a pro-baseball team. My hubster,  is not really a fan of baseball, but he is a fan of making me happy and Monday night suggested we go see our minor league team, the Crawdads play.

 When we went, a local company that donates school supplies to local teachers, was hosting a supply drive. We brought some supplies into the game and got in free. If you are in the area and interested in getting tickets, click here.

 The Crawdad's are a farm team for the Texas Rangers.

We loved watching the crowd interaction (they have a small, but passionate following), kids running for foul balls, and the interns do goofy things to get the crowd hyped up. 

We will be back to watch another game before the summer is done.  What is your favorite summer date?


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