Monday, August 11, 2014

A Mark Of A Good Day- Thrift Store Finds

I scored so big on my thrift store finds this weekend. My bundle included:

New Gap Pants
Gap Dress
Two books
Starbucks Alice and Olivia Mug
Kate Spade Mug
2 Anthro Skirts
A White pair of jeans
Banana Republic Shirt
Plaid Scarf
Target Running Jacket
Green J Crew Top
Green Top (no tags)

For a grand total of 37 dollars!!!

One of my friends and I took a tour of all the Goodwill's in the Lake Norman area, and I took no pictures, which I think is the mark of a really fun time. Since starting to live more simply I am buying more intentionally and I am much more selective when it comes to thrift shopping. My friend Tamara heard a woman at Goodwill saying " Do I need it, love it, will I wear it?" and I think that is so important to say. Otherwise you are just throwing your money (no matter how little) away. I will be styling a couple of these items for a Teacher Outfit Tuesday post (possibly tomorrow).

 What is the best thing you have ever found at a thrift store?


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