Thursday, August 7, 2014

One Creative Thing: T-Rex Chalkboard

If you have known me for all of five minutes, you know I love dinosaurs, specifically glitter covered dinosaurs, but not limited to; eighth graders acting like velociraptor interrupting my class (seriously this happened) or plastic dinosaurs lined up along the perimeter of my classroom (again this happened too), dinosaurs on top of crayon jars, or this series of books about dinosaurs.  It is sort of my thing.

So when I got to talking with my friend about her son's love of dinosaurs, I knew he needed a T-Rex. And since working with a jigsaw is kind of my thing, I knew he needed a wooden dinosaur. And since I love chalkboards more than I love most things in life, I knew he needed a wooden chalkboard T-Rex. So my boyfriend for life (Josh, who is also coincidentally my husband) and I made it happen. He held the dinosaur from certain death (a miss placed saw) and I cut that thing out.

 Below is a sort of step by step, but it isn't really a step by step, it's more like a series of pictures of the process with really bad lighting. I apologize and blame my iphone.

 I buy my chalkboard at Home Depot, it's less than ten dollars and you can get it cut to the size you want there, which I love.
 After looking up T-Rex clip art online I drew out my design on the back of the chalkboard.
 Then using a jigsaw and my husbands strong arms to hold the board steady, I cut the dino out. (Note this was a bit of a pain, this project as a lot easier to do when learning to use a jigsaw.) I ended up not doing all the teeth but I think it turned out pretty well.
The T-Rex got the seal of the approval from our five year old dude, he also said he needed to get me a flower or something else girls like because I made this for him. Seriously, the cutest.
What about you, what have you been making?


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