Tuesday, September 23, 2014

6th Grade Fold Out One Point Perspective Castles or Examples of How My Students Are Awesome

I try to always teach One Point Perspective to my sixth graders, with varying degrees of success. However this project really got the students excited and they all seemed to get it. Our school has teams per grade level and the sixth grader teams are the Dragons and the Knights. Also during Social Studies, they will be learning about the Middle Ages. So I thought why not use One Point Perspective with a Castle theme? If you would like to use our rubric, feel free to steal it and change anything you want!

Students looked at images of castles, drew one with a large door.
Then we cut out the door so that it would fold open as if you were looking inside (like a pop up book)
We then watched this video. Over and over again (this made it possible for me to go around the room, help individually and not repeat myself a thousand times)
Then they worked on creating their own room in the castle, banquet hall, throne room, dungeon etc.
Lastly we taped the work so that you could flip it up and see the inside as a whole.

I may be a little biased, but holy cow how amazing are these? I am trying to convince them to give me these so I can make it into a book for our library.... Pllllllease!

Happy Tuesday Evening!

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