Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Friday and Happenings In The Art Room

Happy Friday friends, I hope your week has been full of sunshine and puppies. There has been tons of stuff happening in the art room, and I am loving the results.

6th graders have been learning about the Cave of Lascaux, and created their own interpretations using a wash of paint, print making techniques, tempera paint and oil pastels. Most of my sixth graders have never taken art before (they don't offer it at the Elementary level in our district) so I was really excited to see how they took to the project with enthusiasm.  

My seventh graders will be working on 2 point perspective starting next week, but I wanted to refresh their memory of our one point perspective projects from last year and I found this awesome project using painters tape. To say they loved it, is a huge understatement. They were crazy excited about this project.

My enrichment class has been working on packing tape sculptures, we used instructions found here

I can't wait till they are finished (stay tuned)!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my eighth graders are starting their celebrity pop art paintings tomorrow. Probably the hardest project I have taught yet, and I am interested in seeing how they do! Here is the start of my classroom example, the Fresh Prince.

Happy Weekend! XO, LKC

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