Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pompeii Inspired 6th Grade Mosaics

My sixth graders will be learning about Rome and Pompeii so I thought it would be a great time to introduce Mosaics. We watched a quick video about Pompeii via YouTube (seriously what did we do before it??) and talked about radial symmetry and looked at some examples.

I got pounds of broken pottery from Resource Warehouse (for two dollars a bag) and used the same grout I used for my gnome project. We then took hammers and tile nipper to break up the pottery even more...Don't worry safety glasses were involved! The kids loved it pretty soon all our ceramic pieces were broken into perfect sizes.

Students and teachers brought plastic lids from home to glue their pieces to. * Next time I would works with something that didn't bend as much, the lids tend to break apart the grout even after it dried.

The next class period I demo'ed how to apply the grout and had select students teach others how to do it. Not only did this give them ownership of the project, it freed up time for me to go around to students who needed extra help.

If you would like to use our rubric that we use for assessment, click here
Half way through the week, hope it has been excellent!

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