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Danny Haas Lesson Fall 2014- With Lesson Plan and Rubric

My student's newest nine weeks creations

One of my most popular projects that my students have created has been my Danny Haas Alter Ego Project, as seen here and here. Last Month I was fortunate enough to do a small workshop at the North Carolina Art Education Association in New Bern, North Carolina. I created a packet for my attendees with all of the pertinent info and I thought that it might be helpful for your classroom too!

Below is lesson plan, as well as the revised rubric with North Carolina Standards. Feel free to use both and if you have any questions let me know!

Super Alter Ego Selfie
A culturally relevant lesson plan for your art classroom.
photo (48).JPG

Materials Needed:

  • Two 6x6 inch pieces of cardstock per student
  • construction paper for matting work
  • comic books for reference
  • rulers
  • black permanent markers
  • multi colored permanent markers
  • glue sticks

Optional Materials:
  • Danny Haas images for reference
  • Printables of different hairstyles


Before Beginning:
As a class, brainstorm super heroes and villains and their superpowers, get students thinking about things that interest them that could translate to a super power (sports, hobbies, animals, foods).
Optional: Show movie clips from The Incredibles, Marvel Comics movies.
Create thumbnail sketch ideas for outfits and symbols.
Hand out rubric.

photo (3).JPG

To Begin:
Make sure students know the difference between the inches and centimeters side of the ruler.

Either work on the board or with a document camera.
Optional: I like to provide a step by step printable to help students who struggle or students who are able to move ahead without being prompted.

Have students start by using the ruler to create a 6x6 inch box on a rough draft piece of computer paper.

Model how to create the box on the board or document camera.

photo (4).JPG

Measurement Directions:
  • Draw a line vertically down the middle at the 3 inch mark
  • At the top of the square measure a ½ inch down to start drawing your super’s head.
  • The super hero or villain’s head should be 2 inches long (width can vary depending on student’s face shape)
  • The neck will be ½ inch. It is important to remind students how to draw the width of the neck, because many of them will draw it a lot skinnier than it needs to be.
  • Shoulders will be anywhere from ½ to an inch wide on either side, depending on the person’s stature.
  • From the shoulder to the elbow, make the arm 2 inches long. Remind students about how upper arms are typically a bit bigger.
  • From the elbow to the wrist will also be 2 inches long. Drawing hands is optional.
  • Then draw the body, paying close attention to not make it too thin or too wide.

Rough Draft
After proper measurements are done, have students sketch out their clothing and costume for either side. Remind them that one side is a self portrait, so there should be things unique to them and the other side is their super’s identity. Half of the symmetrical symbol must be shown. On the same paper, have students draw their symmetrical symbol in it’s entirety.
Final Draft
Once each student is done with the rough draft, hand out precut squares. Remind them to look at their rough draft for proper measurements, repeat if necessary

When students are finished drawing their designs in pencil, they may begin using permanent marker, again remind them to use a complimentary color pair (as stated on the rubric).

After students finish with both the selfie and the symbol, they can mount their work on a piece of construction paper.
Students will then rate themselves with the rubric, label their work, and hand it in after critique.

For early finishers: Have students write a brief description of their hero or villain.


Assessment Rubric
Assignment: Super Alter Ego Selfie                                     Name:
Artist Inspired By: Danny Haas                                              Date:
Excellent 10
Good 9
Basic 8
Needs Improvement 7 or below
Rate Yourself
Teacher Rating
Student was inspired by American Artist Danny Haas to create their own original art half of themselves and half of a super alter ego (hero or villain).
Standard 8.V 2.2

Student used at least one complementary color pair in their artwork. Student also created a separate symmetrical design for Super’s symbol to create balance in one’s artwork.
Standard 8.V.1.2

Student used proper measurements as discussed in class to create their own super hero.
Standard 8.CX.1.2

Student paid specific attention to craftsmanship: color was applied in one direction, edges of paper were not bent or torn and there were no stray pencil marks or glue that was noticeable.
Standard 8.V.3.1

Student participated in class critique using art vocabulary to discuss artwork.
Standards 8.V.1.1, 8.CR.1.2

            Grading: Total Points Possible: 50 x 2= 100

8.V.2.2: Apply observation skills and personal experiences to create original art.

8.V.1.2: Apply the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in the planning and creation of personal art.

8.CX.2.2: Analyze skills and information needed from visual arts to solve problems in art and other disciplines.

8.V.3.1: Apply knowledge of safety and media to maintain and take care of the work space and art.

8.V.1.1: Use art vocabulary to evaluate art.

8.CR.1.2: Critique personal art based on identified criteria.

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