Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Digital Resources For Your Classroom

Happy Veteran's Day, I am so thankful for all who served, especially my dad! That being said, we are off of school so Teacher Outfit Tuesday will have to wait. My vice principal at my school is a tech guru and sent me a bunch of free resources to use in my classroom and I thought I would share them with you.

Positives: I really really love this program, you can paint in the style of Van Gogh or Monet just by clicking on a brush. I think it would be a really great way to infuse art history with actual art making and digital learning. You can also paint on top of images within the program (like I did with this fish) or upload your own. There are also dancing cats and funny sayings, which always draws me in and I think it would really get students on board.

 Negatives: That being said a lot of the brushes aren't available to you when you first start. You earn points by referring friends and other thinks. Disclaimer: If you use this link I will get points for brushes, but so will you. You also have to sign up using an email, but after you do a dancing cat appears so it isn't that bad.

Positives: There isn't a really steep learning curve with this program, you click on a brush, it moves around the screen and creates different shapes, line and color depending on when and how often you click it. This could be a great program to have students use who maybe have difficulty with harder tasks.

Negatives: It says you can save the image that you make but my computer has had trouble uploading it, so I could see students being frustrated if they weren't able to keep their work.

Positives:  This site is a really great way to infuse design into your art program. They can create business cards, use snazzy fonts, import images to make their social media look more professional and it even has a design school to walk your students through how to make incredible design worthy images.

Negatives: You have to sign up with an email and some images cost money. If you use your own images you don't have to pay, but it would be important to remind students not to use and publish images that have a cost. These images are gridded with the canva logo and they also say their price, so it is pretty obvious that they cost money but it would be important to note this to kids.

What are your favorite free digital resources to use in your classroom?

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