Monday, February 23, 2015

Andy Warhol Tints and Shades Complimentary Color Soup Cans

Last nine weeks we worked on tints and shades and painted celebrities. Students loved it because it gave them the freedom of choice when working on their artwork. However this nine weeks since I am focusing more on art history and I thought we could do the same thing with soup cans.

First we started with the grid method, after talking about Andy Warhol (using Google Presentation).

Students then picked a complementary color pair, and painted either a tint or a shade (color mixing with white or black) in the font.

 Most students really liked this project. I had one student who I didn't win over by the end of this project, but the majority of the kids really enjoyed it. I had one student who checked out a Andy Warhol biography from the library after we were done with the project, I was really excited! Here is the rubric we used for this project, feel free to use it! Happy Monday!


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