Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Complimentary Color Tessellations

I keep looking for ways to incorporate art history and math into my program. When I found this video online I knew my students would love this project.

We started with four inch by four inch squares of card stock. I find that card stock is great for stencil making and then we followed the instructions on the video. I stopped it to answer questions and show them my example.

 That took one class period. The next day students traced their handmade tessellations onto a large piece of white paper  (This also one class period).

As a class we talked about complimentary color pairs while looking at the color wheel. We talked about sports teams that used pairs on their uniforms (this is a great hook).

I had student group up with the complimentary color pair they they chose, this saved on wasted paint and allowed for group work. Each group painted with one color at first. I did not let them pour both colors because it would have wasted so much paint.

After every other shape had been painted (we use a checker board as an example). They were allowed to use the other color.

These tessellations were a great way to talk about complimentary color pairs and incorporate a bit of art history. We talked about how M.C Escher and how he had to incorporate geometry into his planning of his tessellations.

How do you incorporate Math into your program?

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