Monday, March 16, 2015

Danny Haas Revisited

The Danny Haas project is one of my most popular posts, and I think it's one of the most popular projects I do with my kids. Last nine weeks I took a break from this project and tried some new ones, but came back to it this grading period.

I changed a couple things this time. Students used colored pencils. I found that the permanent markers were drying out really fast and kids were getting frustrated... The colored pencils also gave students a chance to color in one direction and work on their craftsmanship. After students colored their six by six boxes they outlined lines with a thin black marker. This made the image pop out a little bit more.

I also wanted to create a literary component to this project, to help prepare students for the end of the year tests. Josh and I looked at how Marvel and DC describe their Super hero and villains and we saw the rating system. I created something a bit similar.

Students had to check how strong, smart and fast their character was, they seemed to enjoy that.

The student's images were fantastic! The detail and quality as a whole amazed me!  They still had to create a symmetrical emblem and include a complimentary color pair in their work. If you would like to read more about this project click here and here.

Josh and I are headed to Raleigh to celebrate Youth Art Month with one of my students whose work is now in a year long exhibit at the General Assembly. I am so excited!!

Happy Monday,

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