Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reviewing: Just Add Watercolor by Helen Birch

   Watercolor it seems is one of the most difficult mediums for my students to master. Initially when my kids find out that we are using watercolor in the classroom they are excited (just a refresher, most of my students have not experienced art at the elementary level, so my class tends to be their first one). Their excitement grows to frustration when they find that watercolor is not so easily manipulated. So when I learned about Just Add Watercolor, by Helen Birch I was really excited, and when I received it in the mail I was even more so.

    Just Add Watercolor, is packed with color illustrations from contemporary artists. I especially loved each artist's whimsical style (anything with bright colors and animals dressed as humans and I am hooked). Birch walks the reader through traditional watercolor, gouache, digital, mixed media and non-paper media, giving multiple examples of each, accompanied with more illustrations.

Though each painting (there are 189 in all) is accompanied with helpful hints on how to use watercolor, Birch goes a step further at the end of the book and give the reader a how- to guide on how to use watercolors. This is helpful not only for my classroom, but for myself as an artist. I would recommend this book for watercolor beginners like me! I am thrilled to add this book to our classroom library.

What books have you been reading lately?


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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