Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paper Mache Art History Letters

8th grade students have been learning about forms, and working in 3-D. Each student chose an artist whom either had the same first or last initial of their name. Some chose comic book artist or more contemporary artists while others chose more old school fine artists.

Adding in a literacy component, each child wrote a small essay about their artist and sent it to me using Google Docs. We are fortunate to have the computer lab right next to our class.

We used cereal boxes, tape and flour and water for our paper mache recipe.... It worked pretty well. I printed out bubble letter fonts for students to look at while they were drawing their letters. When we ran out of flour we used art paste, students didn't like the consistency as much.

If I do this project again I would love to work with an elementary school and create each letter of the alphabet based on the art history movements and artists.

Do you use paper mache in your class? What is your favorite recipe?


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