Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Henri Rousseau Inspired Mixed Media Jungle Paintings

5th grade artists have been up to some really amazing stuff in the art room this past week. Students looked at Henri Rousseau's jungle paintings for inspiration and I got this idea from a fellow instagramming art teacher. For my project I changed it a little bit. I had students follow along with my drawing a rhinoceros, making sure that they added their own individual flare to their own work (we talked about their rhino's emotions and how that could translate to the picture). Then after they rough drafted their ideas, we got to work on watercolor paper. Drawing in pencil to start out with, students were to make sure that the rhino as the main focal point and at least 80% of the page.


Next students students used black acrylic paint to outline their pencil lines. And oh my gosh did they want to use marker. Even if I did this next time I would still have them use paint because it really helps them work on painting accuracy.

Then students worked on blending oil pastel ( I didn't steer them in any particular direction for their color choices) and filled in their rhinos.

After that we talked about different ways to apply watercolor (a lot of students have never really played with this material before) and then I let them paint their backgrounds the different methods. 

I seriously love how these turned out and everyone, every single child in class completed a successful picture. I love when that happens.

Things to note: 

Remind students about creating variety with their leaves, have print outs or images on computers where they are able to look at all different types of foliage. I didn't stop students from adding trees or flowers too.

Also mentioning about how it was more than OK to OVERLAP your leaves!

Encourage expression to evoke feelings from the viewer, placement of eyes, and eyebrows play a huge part in this. 

Make sure the whole page is covered with color (if that's your thing) I allow my students to use white, they just have to color it in with a white oil pastel. 

Have students get up and walk around and look at other student's work every once and a while. This fosters lots of great conversations about art!

What have you been making in your classroom?


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